CPC College & Young Pros

We strongly believe that our friendships extend beyond Sunday morning. With that philosophy, our group seeks to hang out during the week as well particularly on the weekends. These hangouts may include a few people getting together or the whole group. In recent months, our group has enjoyed the following: Huntsville Havocs Game, Super Bowl Party, Christmas Party, Top Golf, Bowling at Stars and Strikes, Skeet Shooting, Tennis, Space and Rocket Center, Basketball, Trash Pandas Game, and much more. It is common for members of our group to go to lunch after worship on Sunday morning. We also have several upcoming activities planned out in the days ahead.

College and Young Pros

If you are college age or a young professional, join us in the Student Center  on Sundays for our College & Young Pros Group. Come at 9 AM to hang out with others. Teaching time begins around 9:15 AM and is led by Pastor Vince and/or Roy Mattson. Teaching may include books of the Bible or topical. Discussion is strongly encouraged over lecture-driven teaching.

We believe that each person is made for so much more. God has made us with passions and gifts that we, as Christians, are to use for our Church, our community, and the world. Because of this, we seek to not simply be consumers, but active participants in seeing our community flourish and the Kingdom of God advance. Our current and future plans include missional endeavors, serving our community, finding a place to serve within CrossPointe, and attending young adult conferences that promote service and living for King Jesus.

We’d love for you to join us on Sunday to get a taste of what’s happening here. If you have any questions, please email Pastor Vince at vstiffler@cpcfamily.org. You don’t have to register to come to our group. Just show up.