Pointe Men

"... walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called"

Ephesians 4:1

Walk Worthy
We are called to walk worthy of our calling! What does this mean and how are we to do it? “Walk” simply refers to the conduct of our lives. The root meaning of the word “worthy” refers to balancing the scales. In other words, is what we believe about God evident in how we live out our lives practically? Do our words match our faith? Is how we treat our fellow man reflected in our view of God? As image-bearers, we are to reflect Christ to the church & the world. How do we do this? Simply put, we are commanded to love God and love our neighbor.

So to walk worthy of our calling, we should know that this doesn’t mean we will walk perfectly. Instead, in walking worthy, we must understand the great price that’s been paid on our behalf. And because of this great price, we owe Christ everything. To have Christ is to have it all!

Pointe Men is a ministry which provides avenues for men to walk worthy alongside other brothers in Christ. We offer several men’s groups (bible studies & affinity groups) and host a number of events that bring us together to worship Jesus, build relationships, and receive challenging Biblical teaching & devotions. For more information, email Pastor Vince at vstiffler@cpcfamily.org.

Men's Night

Join us on September 2nd for a night of fellowship with Jared Wilson.

Register here or at the Connection Point with Pastor Vince.

Vince Stiffler
Adult Ministries Pastor