About Us

What is Fight Club

FIGHT CLUB is the men's ministry of CrossPointe Church. It exists to develop devoted followers of Jesus Christ who reflect Christ in the home, workplace, church, and community in leadership, fellowship, and service. Our desire is to see men who...

• fight the good fight of faith (Christian maturity)
• fight for our marriages
• fight for our children
• fight for our community  
• fight for our brother
What is Our Focus?
FIGHT CLUB is centered on Jesus through:
• Worship
• Discipleship
• Accountable Relationships
• Intentionality
• Outreach
• Evangelism
• Engagement
• Leadership Development
• Investment

What Are Fight Nights?

FIGHT NIGHTS provide opportunities for men to gather for worship, strong fellowship, great food, and recreation. We typically meet 3-4 times each year in which we gather on a Thursday or Friday night to eat a meal, enjoy some fun, worship together, and listen to a great speaker with an even greater message - the gospel. Most of these events are free and we encourage guests to come as well. 

What is Men's Advance?

MEN'S ADVANCE is an annual off-campus, weekend trip for men. It’s a time of worship, refreshment, encouragement, & discipleship. This is intended to be an intentional time with God and brothers in Christ. Previous trips to the Ocoee Retreat Center involved great worship and recreational activities such as white water rafting. Future trips include deep sea fishing and skiing. 

How to Find a Discipleship Group for Men

Discipleship Groups are an opportunity to mature in Christ with a small group of 4-5 brothers in Christ. These groups meet weekly and include a time of prayer, discussing what kind of week each person is having, discussing the weekly Bible reading,  & accountability.

To begin a Discipleship Group, email Pastor Vince at vstiffler@cpcfamily.org to express interest in a group or to offer to lead one. Leaders must go through training before starting a group. Much of this can be done through training videos. The leader of these groups mostly guides the conversation and communicates the logistics (meeting place, time, etc.).

Things to consider: 
  • who else might be interested in joining the group
  • the logistics - Choose a location and a time to meet. These groups do not have to meet at the same location or at the same time each week. However, structure helps with consistency.

The Core Values of FIGHT CLUB are consistent with CrossPointe values:
• Jesus > Everything
• The Bible is Central
• Prayer Fuels the Furnace
• People are the Mission
• Lives are Transformed

2024 Fight Club Calendar & Upcoming Events

Registration for Men's Advance runs from March 17th - April 21st. Link will be given here on March 17th. A non-refundable deposit will be required. 

Vince Stiffler
Adult Ministries Pastor