About Us

What is Fight Club

FIGHT CLUB exists to develop devoted followers of Jesus Christ who reflect Christ in the home, workplace, church, and community in leadership, fellowship, and service. Our desire is to see men who...
• fight the good fight of faith (Christian maturity)
• fight for our marriages
• fight for our children
• fight for our community  
• fight for our brother
Our Focus
FIGHT CLUB is focused on:
• Discipleship
• Accountable Relationships
• Intentionality
• Outreach
• Evangelism
• Engagement
• Leadership Development
• Investment

What Are Fight Nights?

FIGHT CLUB consists of FIGHT NIGHT (three large outreach events annually), THE MAIN EVENT (Annual Weekend Retreat), and FIGHT CLUBS (4-5 person groups focused on discipleship and accountability). Our goal for FIGHT NIGHT is to provide opportunities for men to gather for strong fellowship and to seek creative ways to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What are Main Events?

THE MAIN EVENT is a weekend trip set in the Spring to the Ocoee Retreat Center in Ocoee, Tennessee. It’s a time of refreshment, encouragement, bonding, & discipleship. The weekend will consist of high energy worship, thematic messages from the Pastors, FIGHT CLUBS, and optional recreational activities (white water rafting & paintball). This is intended to be an intentional time with God and brothers in Christ.

How to Get Involved

FIGHT CLUBS combine both accountability and discipleship. Meeting weekly or every other week, FIGHT CLUBS include a devotion, time of prayer, & accountability.

To begin a FIGHT CLUB, take these five simple steps:

1. Gather up 4-5 guys including yourself.

2. Register your group through Pastor Vince at vstiffler@cpcfamily.org by providing him the names of those in your group and who plans to take the lead role. The leader must be a co-learner as well and not one to dominate the discussion. The lead role mostly guides the conversation and communicates the logistics (meeting place, time, etc.).

3. Download the CrossPointe app.

4. Create an account on the app. It is simple to do. Once you and your group members do this, Pastor Vince can add guys to your FIGHT CLUBS. This will allow for private communication with your group, prayer requests to one another, and viewing the Bible Reading Plan.

5. Meet - For your first meeting, come together to decide the logistics. Choose a location to meet and decide how often you’ll meet (weekly or every other week). Begin to create a transparent atmosphere where truthfulness meets grace rather than judgment.

The Core Values of FIGHT CLUB are consistent with CrossPointe values:
• Jesus > Everything
• The Bible is Central
• Prayer Fuels the Furnace
• People are the Mission
• Lives are Transformed

Vince Stiffler
Adult Ministries Pastor