Week 7 - The Book of Ruth

Nov 4, 2021    Mark Langner

It has been 400 years since Israel entered the promise land with Joshua. It is a dark time for the nation, a time when the Israelites continually turn from God only to have God raise up a judge to deliver them from their enemies. Israel has no king, every man doing what is right in his own eyes. It is hard for the Israelites to see God’s ultimate plan during this time of rebellion and mercy, but through the story of Ruth, we remind ourselves that God is active, and His plans are for His glory, even in the worst of times.

Worship with us every Thursday night at 7pm as we study the life of Ruth and find that our merciful and gracious God has made a way to Himself, all for His glory, and as a result, our good.

The Book of Ruth // When Faith Finds Redemption
Thursdays @ 7pm